Smoked Salt

Smoked Salt

Smoked salt is one of those very special ingredients that brings an extra dimension to a dish, with close to no effort. Select your perfect smoked sea salt and sprinkle it over everything.

Then when you're looking for more smoked salt inspiration, try one of our unmissable recipes: 

  • Salish Smoked Salt Fudge Recipe Smoke and caramel are flavours that should come together more often. Smoke intensifies the depth and richness of the caramel – and it is now rare for us to make a caramel sauce or sweets without adding a little smoked salt or dash of liquid smoke. The salish smoked salt... Read More
  • How to Cook With Smoked Salt: Roast Pork Salad  Smoked salt is usually used as a finishing salt, as it brings a delicate flavour to the dish. However Sous Chef’s Viking smoked sea salt is a little different. Indeed, it works well served at the table sprinkled over cooked white fish, sliced tomatoes, or to to dip quails eggs at a canapé party. Yet because of the complex mix of spices in addition to the smokiness – deep yellow turmeric, onion, and spiced flavours – it also works well in cooking... Read More
  • Coddled Hen’s Egg with Trompette Mushrooms This is an easy, but very sophisticated take on scrambled eggs. It is inspired by the signature starter at Dabbous, the recently opened – and highly acclaimed – London restaurant, who make it using smoked butter. The salish smoked salt is a great alternative, which adds complex smoky notes. Read More 
  • Quail's Eggs with Viking Smoked Salt Two beautiful ingredients can make a simple and exquisite dish. No fuss, no flamboyance. But the happy pairing of rich, smoky salt with a mouthfuls of sweet quail’s eggs... Read More 

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