Truffles are revered in French and Italian gastronomy and are now the focal point of Michelin starred dishes around the world. Truffles are difficult to grow commercially which makes their unique earthy flavour a symbol of luxury. Truffle ‘hunters’ carefully guard the secrets of where they find truffles in the wild.

When is the truffle season? The most highly sought after truffles – white truffles (tuber magnatum pico) and black truffles (tuber uncinatum vitt) – are available from early October to end December. The winter black truffle or Perigord truffle (tuber melanosporum vitt) is available from mid November to mid March. And the less intensely flavoured spring white truffle (tuber albidum pico) and summer black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt) are available from January to March, and May to November respectively.

How to cook with truffles? Truffles are extremely seasonal. And so the season is prolonged by preserving them in oils, sauces, and pestos. Drizzle truffle oil over roast meat, grilled mushrooms or white fish. Truffle sauces and pestos make delicious canapes spread on crackers, or – be a purist – and simply stir through pasta.

Get inspired with these recipes for using truffles:

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