Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil

Truffle oil distils the essence of truffles – ‘nature’s gold’. Keep a small bottle of truffle oil in your store cupboard to add truffle aroma and flavour to any dish.

What is truffle oil? Truffle oil is extra virgin olive oil richly flavoured with truffle aroma.

How do I use truffle oil? Truffle oil is so intense that you will only need to a tiny drizzle. Serve at the table with mushroom risotto or pasta. Drizzle over slivers of rare roast beef for canapes, or roast portabello mushrooms. In restaurants truffle oil is often used to complement less intensely flavoured summer or autumn truffles, intensifying the truffle experience. Truffle oil can also be a surprising ingredient in sweet dishes, working very well with white chocolate in truffles.

How to choose truffle oil? Truffle oils produced in Acqualagna are the best we have tried. Always choose oils from an established producer. If the company makes other truffle products as well, that is a great sign. Then of course you’ll want to taste! Our products all have a delicate aroma, true to the type of truffle they represent. Black and white truffle oil both have different and distinct flavours. Oil is rarely made from summer or autumn truffle as they don’t have such intense aromas. Do not feel you need to hunt out truffle oils with truffle slivers inside. These are usually shavings of cheaper summer truffles which have little aroma, and are just aesthetic.

What truffle oil recipes should I start with? Get inspired with these recipes:

  • Truffled mushroom risotto: This is a luxurious and comforting wintry dish. To serve for a dinner party, prepare steps 1-5 in advance. Spread the par-cooked rice on a baking sheet… Read more -->
  • Truffle & mushroom macarons The combination of sweet almond macarons and musky earthy mushroom-truffle ganache is a surprising one which is fast becoming a modern classic. Inspired by one of Pierre… Read more -->