Dried Mushrooms

Dried Mushrooms

Dried mushrooms bring texture and umami savouriness to your cooking. A store-cupboard of dried mushrooms means your dishes will always be full of flavour. To replace fresh mushrooms with dried mushrooms in recipes, just divide the weight of fresh mushrooms by 3. A good rule of thumb is that dried mushrooms usually triple in weight when rehydrated.

Get started with three quick dried mushroom recipes:

European mushrooms are usually grown wild and then dried for preservation. Just soak in warm water before cooking to rehydrate. Then stir into your pasta sauce or risotto. Or toss a handful of the dried mushrooms into a goulash or stew during cooking. Cep powder gives an instant vegetarian flavour boost to almost any dish: sprinkle over boiled eggs, stir through Bolognese sauce, or toss with breadcrumbs before coating a schnitzel.

Dried shiitake mushrooms and fungus are staples in Japanese, Chinese and Korean cooking. Make a quick fungus salad with vinegar, sesame oil, chopped chilli and coriander. And rehydrate dried shiitake mushrooms for stir-fries, miso soups and or as a flavour boost for ramen broths.

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