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SKU: SC0233
Cuisine: USA
Technique: Smoking
Recipe Ideas: Choosing a Home Smoker


The hot & cold smoking starter set is the ultimate set for anyone new to home smoking or with limited outdoor space.

There are two main types of smoking: cold and hot. Cold smoking doesn't cook your food but it does bring beautiful flavours, and if smoked for long enough will also help preserve it. Use the ProQ cold smoke generator to cold smoke a whole side of salmon, whole pork belly for bacon, cheese or nuts. The ProQ Ranger Elite smoker hot smokes food - which means it cooks food as well as flavouring with smoke. This is the ultimate in low 'n' slow outdoor cooking, making an American BBQ of slow cooked ribs or pulled pork. 

The Complete Hot & Cold Smoking Set contains:                                 

  • The ProQ Ranger Elite BBQ Smoker: the entry level ProQ elite. Get hot smoky American BBQ flavours by hot-smoking everything from brisket to ribs, pulled pork to a whole chicken
  • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator: just place this in the base of your ProQ Ranger to turn the BBQ into a cold smoking chamber! The smoke generator will make hours of aromatic smoke – cold smoke whole sides of salmon, bacon, cheeses
  • Apple & hickory wood chips for hot smoking: apple wood for gentler flavours, and hickory for intense Kansas City and Memphis BBQ
  • Extra fine maple & oak wood chips for cold smoking: oak is the classic all round smoking wood in the UK, and maple gives added sweetness - we love it with bacon or salmon!

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