Hario Coffee Dripper V60 01 Ceramic


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Origin: Japan
SKU: HR0009
Size: 1 cup


Take some time out for a little relaxation, and use the Hario ceramic V60 coffee dripper to make the best cup of coffee. The V60 coffee drippers are used by barista champions around the world. And it only takes 2-3 minutes to brew the most flavoursome cup of coffee.

The V60 refers to the 60 degree V-shaped angle at the base of the dripper, scientifically calculated by the researchers at Hario to be the angle for perfect water flow and coffee extraction.

The white ceramic coffee dripper is a stylish addition to any kitchen. The ceramic also has great heat retention properties, keeping the coffee grounds well heated during brewing to get the perfect extraction.

What do I use it with?

The V60 ceramic coffee dripper pairs perfectly with the Hario 'Buono' copper coffee kettle. Slowly pour hot water onto the coffee grounds in circular-motion ensuring that the water does not touch the filter papers.

So tell me more about Hario

Hario was founded in Japan in 1921 as a manufacturer of heat-resistant glass, specialising in laboratory equipment. After World War II, Hario ventured out of the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries and began manufacturing household items – a coffee siphon was their first product suitable for home use. Hario now make award-winning, high quality coffee-making equipment for baristas and home enthusiasts alike. Hario products turn coffee brewing into an art form.

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