Guding Premium Luncheon Meat


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Size: 340g
Cuisine: China
Minimum Shelf Life: 1 month


Guding premium luncheon meat is an essential ingredient in Korean budae-jjigae – or ‘army base stew’. Cubes of luncheon meat, chunks of hot dogs, ground beef and seasonal vegetables are cooked in a spicy noodle soup with gochujang and kimchi.

Budae-jjigae was born from surplus US army supplies after the Korean War. Food was scarce during and immediately after the war, so people used whatever they could find. This usually turned out to be tins of luncheon meat, hot dogs and even baked beans.

Luncheon meat enjoys immense popularity across Southeast Asia and the Philippines, largely due to meat shortages after World War II. In the Philippines, it is even a cultural symbol - with luncheon meat being a popular gift to welcome people home after a long absence!

Try cooking luncheon meat the way they do in Okinawa, Japan – in a stir fry called chanpuru with beansprouts and scrambled egg. Or take inspiration from Hong Kong, and add it to chicken soup or use slices to top ramen!

Made in Czech Republic.

Ingredients: pork (80%), water, corn starch, salt, spices (white pepper, nutmeg), thickener: E407 (carrageenan), stabiliser: E451 (triphosphates), sugar, antioxidant: E316 (sodium erythorbate), preservative: E250 (sodium nitrate). 

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