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This authentic Chinese cooking set includes Every Grain of Rice - Fuchsia Dunlop's incredible guide to Chinese home cooking. There are stunning photographs of every dish, and a comprehensive introduction to all the ingredients and cookware you will need to transform the way you eat.

The ingredients included in this set will make up your basic store-cupboard to get started with the book. Once you have all the basic ingredients, with some help from Every Grain of Rice, even the barest fridge could create a meal fit for a king:

Create tongue-tingling heat in meat marinades and tofu dishes by grinding Sichuan peppercorns in a pestle and mortar. Fry Sichuan Facing Heaven chillies whole in oil at the start of recipes, or drop them into simmering Sichuanese hot pots. Use LGM, Lao Gan Ma, chilli oil as a condiment with won tons or prawn tempura.

Shaoxing rice wine brings rich, sherry notes and a dry, sharp taste to soups, marinades and the stuffing for potsticker dumplings. Light and dark soy sauces bring colour and depth of flavour to no end of Chinese dishes whilst Chinkiang black rice vinegar makes a great addition to dipping sauces or braised meat dishes and a good way to lift a noodle broth. Sesame oil, meanwhile brings sophisticated flavours to fish and pork dishes and makes a good accompaniment to rice, noodles and salads.

Simmer star anise and cassia bark with Chinese rice wine and soy sauce to create a full-bodied marinade – perfect with a variety of Chinese braised dishes, or even BBQ pork. Potato flour is a great wheat flour substitute when baking cakes suitable for coeliacs, as well as being a good replacement for corn starch and regular flour.

NOTE: This set contains alcohol. You must be over 18 to purchase this product.. Brands may vary from those shown in the photo. Contains nuts.

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