Ferron Carnaroli Risotto Rice


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Origin: Italy
SKU: GU0012
Size: 500g
Cuisine: Italy
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months


Ferron carnaroli rice has a long, elegant grain which holds its shape to create a beautifully-textured risottoThe Carnaroli grain is the longest grade – ‘superfino’ – and it has a perfect balance of inner starch to surface starch. This means that the outside layer of Carnaroli risotto rice turns translucent when cooked, while the inner kernel stays opaque and pearly, retaining an al dente bite.

The ancient and famous Riseria Ferron is a family run business near Verona. Their ancient mill, established in the 17th century, is the oldest working mill in Italy. The family uses pure spring water, free from pesticides and fertilisers to irrigate their rice fields. Gabriele Ferron is well known for his rice and was the first rice farmer in Italy to be certified with an IGP in 1996.

With its starchy, long grains and delicate nutty flavour, Ferron Carnaroli rice is the perfect choice for a risotto with a great texture and plenty of flavour.

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