De Buyer Solid Copper Jam Pan


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Origin: France
SKU: DB0089
Size: Top 38cm, base 27cm dia
Cuisine: France


Pans like the De Buyer solid copper jam pan are favoured by small batch jam makers all over the world. Copper reacts to changes in temperature almost instantly. This means you can avoid overcooked jam caused by the pan staying hot for a long time after being removed from the heat.

Copper pans also help to preserve the natural colour of fruits. This means your strawberry jam stays a vibrant red instead of turning mushy brown!

The De Buyer solid copper jam pan has a base 27cm in diameter. At the top it is 38cm in diameter. The depth of the pan is 15cm, with an approximate capacity of 9 litres. It has two sturdy cast iron handles for easy lifting.

Notes on Copper Cookware

Copper is a very soft metal, so it scratches easily. The base of this pan may already have slight scratches from the final polishing process. To minimise new scratches, try not to drag the pan across surfaces (e.g. from one part of the hob to another). To avoid warping, do not plunge a hot pan into cold water or vice versa. Do not leave a copper pan unattended on a hot cooker for long periods of time - this can also cause warping. After the first use, all copper cookware will change colour. This is commonly in the form of a green tinge. Use a copper cleaner to clean the whole pan (not suitable for spot cleaning), rinse and dry thoroughly. Future colour change will be the normal patina.

Not dishwasher safe. Not suitable for induction.

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