De Buyer Knife Sharpener


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Origin: France
SKU: DB0062
Cuisine: France


The De Buyer knife sharpener is the quick and easy way to keep your kitchen knives in top condition. In this one compact design, your knives get three stages of sharpening:

  • Stage 1 Coarse – to restore an edge to blunted or worn knives; 400 grit diamond cams
  • Stage 2 Sharpen – after stage 1 or for knives that just need a little pick me up; 600 grit diamond cams
  •  Stage 3 Hone – after stage 2 or simply after each use of a knife to maintain good condition; hard chrome

 For stage one and stage two sharpening, pull the knife blade right down between the cams in slots 1 and 2, and sweep it back towards you in a smooth arc. Repeat until desired sharpness is reached. For stage three, pull the knife lightly through the top of the chrome cams in slot 2. Repeat until the action feels perfectly smooth.

The body of the knife sharpener is reinforced with carbon fibre for strength and durability. The De Buyer knife sharpener is 12cm long, 7cm wide and 6.5cm high, meaning it fits easily in most kitchen drawers.

Hand wash only

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