De Buyer Copper Bordelais Canele Mould


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Origin: France
SKU: DB0095
Size: 5.5cm dia
Cuisine: France
Technique: Patisserie


The De Buyer copper Bordelais canelé mould is the traditional mould to use when making this classic French pastry. You can also use the mould to make unique cakes for tea parties or even individual fruit jellies.

Copper reacts to changes in heat almost instantly and has excellent heat conducting properties, which is especially important when making canelés. The outside of the pastry has to darken and caramelise at a very high temperature first, then the temperature is lowered to set the middle. Copper reacts very quickly to this change, so the outside of the canelé doesn’t continue to cook when the temperature is lowered.

These individual moulds are lined with tin for extra durability, making them suitable for heavy professional use as well as home use.

The De Buyer copper Bordelais canelé moulds are sold separately. Each mould is 5.5cm in diameter and 5.2cm high.


Always properly grease the canelé moulds before every use. Do not heat above 230°C as the tin lining will start to melt. Canelés require a short period at 220°C to caramelise the outside of the pastry – if you have any doubts as to the accuracy of your oven, use an oven thermometer.

After some years, you may notice the copper showing through the tin lining. This is a sign that the mould needs retinning. This can take 5-10 years for domestic use, or 1-2 years for frequent commercial use. If large patches of tin have worn away do not continue to use until the mould has been retinned.

Hand wash only

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