De Buyer Carbone Plus Frying Pan With Iron Handle


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Origin: France
SKU: DB0078
Size: 28cm dia
Cuisine: France


The De Buyer Carbone Plus frying pan with iron handle is a hardwearing and popular choice in professional kitchens. Use the heavy iron pan for high-temperature searing and grilling of meat, fish, eggs and vegetables.

The frying pan has a ‘lyonnaise’ profile – this means there’s no sharp, straight edges around the rim, so food slides easily from pan to plate. The epoxy-coated iron handle stays at a low enough temperature to handle during normal cooking, and also makes this pan suitable for using in the oven up to temperatures of 280°C. 


The De Buyer iron frying pan requires proper seasoning to keep it in top condition. Before the first use, wash in hot water and washing up liquid. To season the pan, wipe the inside surface with cooking oil. Pour 5mm of oil into the pan, bring to a high temperature, and then when a smoky-haze appears remove it from the heat and wipe well with kitchen towel. Now the pan is ready to use.

Always ensure there is enough oil in the pan when using, then deglaze and wipe with a paper towel after use. If the pan needs washing, ensure it is completely dried and lightly-oiled before storing. Follow these steps and your pan will build up a dark patina that increases the pan’s non-stick properties. The more you use it, the more non-stick it will become.

The Carbone Plus frying pan is 28cm in diameter with a 22.5cm handle. It is suitable for all cooking surfaces including induction.

NOT dishwasher safe.

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