Molini Del Ponte

Molini Del Ponte

Molini Del Ponte is a Sicilian milling company who takes the utmost pride in their range of heritage grains and traditional grinding techniques. The millers carefully select the best whole grains, all grown in Sicily, then gently grind the flour using a milling stone which dates back to the late 1800s. Gentle, slow grinding allows the grains to retain much of their original flavour and characteristics.

Italians tend to separate wheat into two varieties: durum wheat and soft wheat. Durum has a higher protein content, whereas soft is the type often just called wheat in the UK. The strength of flour is not dictated by the variety, rather the gluten content. Both soft wheat and durum wheat can be strong (typically used for bread where you want a tighter dough) and less strong (for when you want a lighter texture, such as cakes and muffins).

This ancient stone milling technique is combined with cutting-edge filtering systems, to ensure only the highest quality flour leaves the mill.

When not grinding, the team at Molini Del Ponte invests in research into rediscovering ancient grains. Once they identify and cultivate ancient varieties of grain, the millers produce unique new flours which are enriched by the specific aromas and biodiversity of the Sicilian terroir.

The brand has been milling for four generations, and is truly dedicated to producing artisan, unique products for chefs and cooks.

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