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Crane Cookware

Sleek, elegant and reassuringly solid, Crane cast iron pans are a stunning addition to any kitchen. With designs inspired by commercial kitchens, Crane pans let you cook like a professional at home. Cast iron is a great conductor and retainer of heat and provides an even cooking surface – so there’s no need to worry about hot spots. All Crane cookware is finished in a specially formulated matte black vitreous enamel, which allows a beautiful non-stick surface to develop over time – eventually you’ll hardly need to use any fat for cooking at all, so if you look after your Crane pan it will look after you! The special enamel also gives all Crane cookware a high resistance to thermal shocks and scratches so they’re virtually indestructible, and every one comes with a 10-year warranty - plenty of time to really put them to the test. Crane cast iron pans are compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction, and are also oven safe.

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