Clearspring Organic Brown Rice Mochi


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Origin: Japan
SKU: SU0057
Size: 250g
Cuisine: Japan
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months


Cook up a batch of Clearspring organic brown rice mochi for a starter or snack that has all the satisfaction of junk food – but without the junk! They bake in 8-10 minutes, resulting in a crispy outside and a chewy centre.

Mochi are made with steamed glutinous rice that’s pounded into a stretchy ‘paste’. To make these mochi, that paste is then formed into blocks and air-dried.

One matchbox-sized block of brown rice mochi has the same calorific value as a bowl of rice! This makes mochi popular with Japanese farmers – they’re quick to cook and eat, but provide them with enough energy to work a long day. Mochi were also taken into battle by samurai for the same reasons. The dried-out rice cakes were easy to pack, store and prepare.

For a slightly naughtier snack, fry the mochi in a lightly oiled pan. They’ll crisp up even more on the outside, but still keep a gooey, chewy centre. Serve fried or baked brown rice mochi with a selection of dips, like tahini, soy sauce, or sriracha. Wrap with nori seaweed and top with grated ginger and garlic before dipping for an extra hit of flavour.

Mochi are also a popular addition to Japanese soups and stews. Boil the rice cakes until soft and springy, then add to your soup of choice.

Ingredients: organic sweet brown rice (100%).

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