Chinese New Year Colourful Envelopes - 6 Pack


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Origin: China
SKU: ID1086
Size: 6 pieces
Cuisine: China


Wish your family and friends luck and peace for the coming year with these traditional red envelopes. These envelopes are decorated with brightly coloured patterns reminiscent of traditional fabrics.

The envelopes are known as hongbao in Mandarin (literally ‘red envelopes’) or lai see/ lì shì in Cantonese (literally ‘lucky money’ or ‘lucky item’ packets). Red is one of the luckiest colours in Chinese culture, representing joy and good fortune.

Traditionally money is given in the envelopes. Custom says that you should give more to your parents and grandparents, then smaller amounts to friends and colleagues, and smaller amounts still to children – however, it’s really up to you.

Try to avoid amounts with a ‘4’ – like £4, £40 etc. – as the number ‘4’ in Chinese sounds very similar to their word for ‘death’ and is therefore very unlucky. Even numbers are luckier than odd numbers, and the number 8 is luckiest of all.

These arrive to us in mixed boxes, where each pack contains six envelopes of three designs. Therefore I'm afraid that we aren't able to specify which designs you'll receive. However, if you order more than one pack we'll try to make sure you receive different designs.

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