Cassia Bark


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Origin: China
SKU: ID0007
Size: 50g
Cuisine: China
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months
Also known as: Chinese cinnamon, cinnamon bark
Recipe Ideas: Vietnamese pho with shirataki noodle nests


Cassia is an aromatic bark which has a similar flavour to cinnamon, but is a thicker and slightly coarser wood. Cassia bark comes from the South-East Asian cassia tree, which is part of the laurel family and is often found in Chinese and Indian red braised dishes. Cassia bark benefits from slow cooking, allowing its warm, bittersweet notes to be released over time.

Cassia is often called cinnamon bark (including on these packets!). However, it differs from 'true' cinnamon, which has much finer quills, which are easier to grind down into a powder. Cassia bark is perfect for braising or slow cooking.

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