Caldos-Ricard Camarena-Broths


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SKU: MG0101
Author: Camarena, Ricard
Cuisine: Spain
Publisher: Montagud Editores
Pages: 272 pages
Format: Hardback
Year Published: 2015
Difficulty: Fiendish  
Photography: Richly Illustrated  


Caldos-Broths explains how the Valencian chef, Ricard Camarena, has come to transform the very foundations of cooking itself. Ricard Camarena oversees a cluster of Michelin-starred restaurants that have generated a great deal of excitement in the Spanish seaside city. One of the biggest reasons for that excitement is the chef’s intensely flavorful broths. They underpin nearly all his dishes and are prepared using innovative methods. In this cookbook, Camarena lays out his philosophy and techniques for making and using broths. He begins with four central ideas:

"If you think you are making a broth, the result will most likely be a broth. If a chef sees a broth as a preliminary ingredient of a dish, the result will likely be very discreet. If it is considered as a complete and finished dish in itself, the result will be another thing altogether

Don’t think you’re making a broth. Imagine that you’re making lunch for your mother. And on top of that, imagine that you aren’t going to give her anything else.

The final result of a broth is the actual broth. You shouldn’t think that it will be used to add to this stew or to make that sauce. The broth itself should be worthy of dipping your bread into.

Mediocrity is an obvious quality of broth. You should never use a poor broth just because you think that the other ingredients will make up for it. In the end, what you cook is a dish in itself, and what you should achieve in finished product."

Camarena also approaches techniques for clarification and flavor enhancement from new directions, provides examples of broths prepared without additional water, and does away with many traditional methods of thickening broths into sauces. All the different broths Camarena uses to prepare his dishes are also examined; their key points are detailed and practical explanation is given via some of this Valencian chef's most iconic recipes.

In Spanish and English.

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