7 Foodie Gifts for Mother's Day 2022

Think beyond the usual flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Day, 27th March, and give mum a gift she’ll really cherish. Choose from small batch soaps, the very best oils in highly decorative, reusable packaging and a subscription tasting box - for gifts that will keep on giving.  

Puglia Red Splatter Pitcher

Bright, bold and handmade in Italy - our Puglian splatter range is full of character.  Choose from a  range of plates, bowls and pitchers in six different colours, or mix and match pieces for a striking effect. The pitcher can also be used as a stylish, modern vase - just add flowers! 

Copper & Mango Wood Water Jug 1250ml

A beautiful combination of industrial and organic aesthetics, this brushed copper and mango wood jug is effortlessly elegant. The wooden lid means you can take it outdoors and avoid stray leaves or blossoms falling into the water - a timeless piece to add to the kitchen table.

Andree Jardin Marseille Soap Gift Set

Produced in small batches using artisanal techniques, this soap gift set is handmade by the Jardin family using sustainable materials,  and effortlessly slots together for a minimal, modern look. The wooden brush is made from locally-sourced waxed beechwood and the square soap block has a wonderful earthy fragrance. 

Giuseppe Giusti Duetto Balsamic Vinegar Wooden Gift Box

The Giuseppe Giusti duetto balsamic vinegar set contains two very special barrel-aged vinegars - 1 aged 8 years (peppery, mature fruit) and a second aged for 12 years (very sweet with fruit jam and vanilla flavours).  Ideal for sweet and savoury dishes alike, these world-famous vinegars have the capability to elevate meals from ordinary to extraordinary with just one drizzle.  This set makes a very special present for anyone who loves to try the very best ingredients, and it comes in a smart wooden box - perfect for gifting! 

Our subscription tasting box is the gift that keeps on giving - available as 3,6 or 12-month subscriptions. Each month, the Sous Chef team carefully picks five new ingredients designed to fuel the imagination of an adventurous cook. Expect anything from tonka beans to lemon-infused tagliatelle, cardamom jam or chipotle chilli paste, delivered directly to your door (this box is suitable for vegetarians).

Intense Fruity Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Octopus Terracotta Bottle 500ml

These olive oils sell out every year , and we’ve only just got them back in stock, - so be quick! New season’s olive oil is famous for its unbeatable freshness and purity of flavour and it comes in a beautiful, hand painted terracotta bottle, which can be reused and refilled.. Choose between intense or medium fruity olive oil to suit your palate and then pick from a range of gorgeous designs. 

Rose Petals

If you’re looking for a smaller foodie gift these rose petals are a fun, floral touch. Use them to decorate a homemade Mother's Day cake, or garnish a glass of fizz! There are so many ways to use rose petals in the kitchen, and they make a fun alternative to a bunch of flowers. 

For more gift inspiration take a look at our gift guides for foodies, or browse the Mother's Day Gift collection. 


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