10 Foodie Gifts for Mother's Day 2025

Think beyond the usual flowers and chocolates this Mother’s Day, 19th March, and give a gift she’ll really cherish.

Choose from small batch soaps, the very best oils in highly decorative, reusable packaging and a subscription tasting box - for gifts that will keep on giving.  

Find more Food and Cooking gifts.

Pasta Grannies Cookbook & Ingredients Set

With recipes handed down from the matriarch, how better to celebrate Mother's Day than with Pasta Grannies and all the ingredients you need to start cooking! The Pasta Grannies cookbook includes over 80 easy and accessible recipes from all over Italy. You will be transported into the very heart of the Italian home to learn how to make great-tasting Italian food, from pici to ravioli.

Ichendorf Milano Green Cactus with Flower Tumbler, 35cl

Use Ichendorf Milano’s green cactus tumbler to serve water, wine and cocktails. Handmade in Milan, each delicate tumbler has a flower-topped cactus set within it. This quirky, desert plant addition puts a fun twist on a timeless piece. Each Ichendorf Milano piece is hand-crafted, so you may notice some slight differences between glasses. But, this only adds to their charm – no two are the same!

Giuseppe Giusti 3 Gold Medal Balsamic Vinegar 12 Year Aged, 250ml

Giuseppe Giusti’s 3 gold medal balsamic vinegar is a sweeter balsamic than others you might have tried, aged for a minimum of 12 years. The 3 gold medals vinegar is ideal for desserts. Made from sweet, sun dried grapes, the vinegar is rich with plum jam, red fruit and vanilla flavours and aromas. The 3 gold medal vinegar has a slightly thicker texture, and works well as a marinade.

Puglian Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Yellow Splatter Ceramic Bottle, 500ml

This extra virgin olive oil in a yellow splatter ceramic bottle is from one of Italy’s oldest olive-growing regions, and doubles up as a piece of art for your kitchen. The warm yellow painted effect adds a burst of sunshine to the worktop, and looks lovely with its red wax seal and Galantino ribbon. It makes a great gift. The olive oil is cold-pressed on traditional stone mills by the Galantino family, who have been producing oil for nearly a century. The oil has a medium-fruity flavour, with aromas of artichokes and green, herbaceous notes. It has warming peppery afternotes, and a lingering hint of almond.

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Set of 6 Striped Dinner Candles - Multicolour

This set of 6 striped dinner candles are a colourful addition to your home. These candles are designed with bold irregular stripes of British Colour Standard shades. They have varying thickness blocks in tones of pink, green, yellow and orange to name just a few. Offering a spectrum of authentic 1930s colour, these candles will look at home alongside any kitchen or dining decor.

Nicolas Alziari Fruity & Soft Cuvee Prestige Olive Oil

Nicolas Alziari fruity & soft, or Cuvée Prestige, olive oil is the extra virgin olive oil that made Alziari a household name in Provence. The olive oil is a blend of oils obtained from different European olive varieties, and the exact recipe is a closely-guarded secret over 100 years old!Use the soft and fruity olive oil to give a lift to vegetable dishes, or use as a light finishing touch for salads, fish and pasta dishes. It has a delicate, almost almond-like aroma – dip fresh bread into the oil to experience the complex layers of nuttiness, fruitiness and sweetness.

Francois Doucet Fruit Jellies, 200g

Fragrant, sweet and intensely fruity – Francois Doucet fruit jellies are the perfect thing to enjoy at the end of a meal, or as a little mid-morning treat with a cup of tea. The jellies are made with apricots and pears that are grown in Provence, as well as raspberries, strawberries and mandarins. The firm jellies have a dusting of sugar and are a very grown-up treat. They make a great gift, or enjoy them yourself!

Lakrids LOVE Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Coated Liquorice

Lakrids LOVE strawberries & cream chocolate coated liquorice puts a spin on this classic flavour pairing. Sweet, chewy liquorice pairs with tangy freeze-dried strawberries, raspberries and a white cream centre. A smooth white chocolate - rich with vanilla notes - encases the liquorice balls, with a shimmering red coating adding an extra touch of luxury.

The Sous Chef olivewood-handle knife trio is the ultimate capsule knife collection. We've used our buying expertise to ensure you get top brand quality knives, but at less than half the price. This knife trio comes in a sleek black wooden box that makes an elegant gift. It also provides storage and protection of the knives so they last for years to come.

Filt String Bag in Rainbow

String bags like these have been used in France for decades and were traditionally used to carry groceries. The strong cotton net bags squish down into almost nothing, so they’re a convenient way to make sure you always have a bag to hand.

For more gift inspiration take a look at our gift guides for foodies, or browse the Mother's Day Gift collection. 


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