Top 10 Foodie Gifts For Him

We’ve got you covered, no matter what the men in your life love to cook and eat. For those who love to experiment, we’ve got a fantastic selection of unusual ingredients from across the globe, plus high-quality cookware and gadgets for their next kitchen project! 

Treat your dad, husband, son or loved one with a portable BBQ, a hot sauce selection or a cookbook and ingredients set designed to bring flavours from the biggest names in food into your own kitchen.

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ProQ Flatdog Foldable & Portable BBQ

The ProQ FlatDog is the perfect gift for the man who always needs to be king of the BBQ. The world's most portable, foldable and reusable BBQ, this impressive grill means he can now take his favourite hobby anywhere! ProQ’s NEW FlatDog has a revolutionary design that folds down to the thickness of a laptop but can feed up to 12 people. Enjoy a spontaneous summer BBQ whenever the mood strikes. 

Handmade Stoneware Fermenting Crock in Blue 2 litre

Fermenting is one is one of 2022’s biggest food trends, - why not kickstart your family and friends’ adventures in fermenting and pickling with a handmade crock? Perfect for preserving onions and cabbage while adding intense umami flavour, or fermenting spicy-sour kimchi. 

Dishoom Cookbook & Ingredients Set

Gift a complete new flavour experience with one of our cookbook and ingredients sets, which contain a best-selling cookbook and all the hard-to-find ingredients needed  to get cooking straight away. Our best-selling Dishoom set has all the staples to conjure up the flavours of Bombay in the heart of your own kitchen. All packaged in a Sous Chef canvas bag, ready to gift. 

Flying Goose Sriracha Tasting Bundle 4 x 455ml

The ultimate gift for hot sauce and chilli lovers! Flying Goose’s world famous Sriracha now comes in fiery new flavours. Try sweet and tangy Lemongrass Sriracha, creamy Sriracha Mayo, fragrant Green Sriracha and intense extra-spicy Blackout Sriracha. Which one will become their new favourite condiment? 

Giuseppe Giusti 2 Gold Medal Balsamic Vinegar 8 Year Aged 250ml

Rich, dark and a perfect sweet-sharp balance – Giuseppe Giusti’s balsamic vinegar is like no other we’ve tasted. Their secret? Time and history. Their balsamics are aged in oak smoke barrels using the same methods passed down generations since their 16th century foundations. A premium balsamic is the perfect luxury upgrade to a cooks’ pantry - and Giusti is the very best.

HongXing Er Guo Tou Chiew Baijiu 56%

Move over whisky and wine, it’s time to gift a beverage unlike anything they’ve tasted before! Baijiu is an alcoholic spirit that is so frequently drunk in China, it outsells all other spirits across the world and yet it's likely you’ve never heard of it. Generally considered a ‘savoury’ spirit, Bajiu has a range of complex flavours depending on the region of production and methods used

Pastificio Del Colle Squid Ink Striped Farfalle 250g

This striking farfalle pasta from Pastificio Del Colle resembles striped bow ties! It adds a fun twist (literally) to even the simplest dish and is made using squid ink and traditional bronze dye methods. Dressed simply with butter and capers this pasta is  and guaranteed to bring a smile to his face! 

Valrhona White Dulcey 35% Blonde Chocolate Bar 70g

World renowned chocolatier Valrhona should be your go-to choice for the chocolate lovers in your life. Silky-smooth, melt-in-the-mouth and divinely creamy, Valrhona’s luxury chocolate now comes in bars, perfect for gifting. The 35% Dulcey is a creamy bar of caramelised white chocolate with notes of vanilla and biscuit. 

Japanese Ramen Bowl Set

The shortcut to ramen mastery! This set comprising a  pair of glazed ceramic ramen bowls and bamboo ladles offers everything you need to serve perfect ramen in authentic Japanese style. The full-colour recipe booklet breaks down this iconic dish so you can mix and match to create your own perfect bowl. 

Dutchdeluxes Canvas BBQ Apron in Dark Blue

The essential accessory for the stylish cook. Dutchdeluxes’ handmade canvas aprons keep your clothes safe from ash, spitting fat and sparks, both in the kitchen and in front of the BBQ. Made from sustainable natural materials, these durable aprons have adjustable straps for the perfect fit, so they not only look great, but are comfortable and practical.

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