The Sous Chef Christmas Catalogue 2020

Welcome to Christmas at Sous Chef!

The Sous Chef Christmas Catalogue is the place to look for all your gift inspiration, whether it's for your food-fanatic friends, family, or even yourself.


From spice blends from around the world, to hand-wrapped panettone, and stunning splatter plates from Puglia – we have lots of new and exclusive Christmas gifts to show you this year, at Sous Chef.

 Christmas Food Gifts at Sous Chef

Christmas Food Gifts at Sous Chef - a few highlights

  1. NEW Spice Discovery Advent Calendar - Bursting with unusual flavours, carefully sourced from around the world by Terre Exotique. 

  2. EXCLUSIVE Terre Exotique peppers & spices - Only at Sous Chef, discover delights such as Pepper for Oysters, and bespoke spice sets.

  3. NEW Splatterware - The hottest table trend of 2021, we have even more splattered plates, mugs and bowls to explore this Christmas!

  4. NEW Crochet Tinned Fish - A bit of fun, but incredibly cute! Teach yourself a new skill, and decorate your Christmas tree with woolly fish.

  5. NEW Muzzi Panettone - Brand new panettone designs that make an impact. Panettone all made with fresh eggs, and the finest butter, sugar and milk.

  6. NEW Neuhaus Pralines Wine Pairing Boxes - Combine chocolates from Belgium's original praline makers with wine and Champagne.

  7. NEW Dolce & Gabbana Mandorle di Sicilia Panettone - The world's most famous design duo pair with Sicilian bakers, Fiasconaro.

  8. EXCLUSIVE Sous Chef Tasting Box – Each month we send you 5 surprise ingredients, guaranteed to spark fresh ideas in the kitchen.

  9. NEW Talking Point Teapots - Serve up a cuppa in a miniature Aga teapot topped with intricate baking accessories. 

  10. Pomegranate-Painted Terracotta Cooking Pot 20cm £69 - Handmade in Tuscany, for a beautiful touch of Italy.

  11. EXCLUSIVE Sous Chef Hampers - Choose between the Best of Sous Chef, or head to Italy, Spain and France with our choice of fine ingredients.

  12. NEW A-Z of Pasta Cookbook Set - Get cooking straight away from Rachel Roddy's brand new cookbook, equipped with the finest Italian ingredients.

Plus much, much more. So read on – we hope you love the selection as much as we do.

If you're unable to view this version properly, check out the gift guide here where you should be able to see it in its full glory!


  • Hi Anna, Do you mean our Lagoa two-tone ceramic bottles?
    If you have any more info on what they look like, please let me know and I’ll have a look. Many thanks, Holly

    Holly at Sous Chef on

  • Where are those 2 tone bottles in different shapes bought it was on James Martin Saturday morning they were near the sink

    Anna Ricciardi on

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