The 9 Best Christmas Hampers For Food Lovers

A hamper overflowing with ingredients is one of the most joyful gifts you can receive at Christmas. There's nothing quite like unwrapping item after item, finding yet more goodies in the mix, and creating a pile of new and exciting ingredients to cook up a feast over the holidays. Here are 9 of the best Christmas hampers, with something for all tastes.

1. Italian Christmas Food Hampers

Bellissimo! The Italian Christmas Feast hamper is a wonderful selection of cooking ingredients, luxury products, sweet treats and beautiful Italian classics for the Christmas period. Dive into: 

  1. Top-quality lemon tagliatelle or cuttlefish ink chitarrine egg pasta 
  2. Beautiful Parma salami and the intense, fruity olive oil. 
  3. Or unwrap a gorgeous Pariani Pistacchiotto praline
  4. Enjoy with a chilled glass of Villa Massa Limoncello. 
  5. The Fiasconaro Traditional Hand-Wrapped Panettone and pistachio cream – the perfect pair.
  6. Crunchy cantuccini – delicious at the end of a meal served with a strong Italian coffee.

    The Best of Italy Hamper

    Delight a fan of Italian cuisine with the exciting best of Italy hamper. Packed to bursting with Italian speciality foods, it’s ready to transform the way you cook Italian food at home, all year round. Discover:

    1. Some of the world’s best risotto rice and pasta to elevate your meals from everyday to extraordinary
    2. The fresh, ‘just-picked’ flavour of La Favorita pasta sauces, the famously spicy ‘nduja pork spread from Calabria 
    3. Fine balsamic vinegar and olive oil

    To add an extra touch of indulgence, the Italian hamper comes with chocolates and pistachio cream from some of Italy and Sicily’s finest confectioners.

    2. Christmas Pantry Hampers

    This hamper is overflowing with sweet and decadent delights to see you through the festive period. Tuck into: 

    1. A selection of salted caramel chocolate truffles, delicate pralines, festive shortbread
    2. Italian artisan panettone flavoured with black cherry and chocolate chips. 
    3. Fantastic Pommery Mustard
    4. The best of winter preserves with organic pear & nut jam, and roasted chestnuts in chocolate cream
    5. As well as the heavenly Carved Angel Christmas pudding and a bottle of Sacred’s Christmas Pudding gin!

    The Vegan Pantry Gift Hamper

    This beautiful Vegan Pantry gift hamper is a celebration of vegan ingredients – use it to create spectacular meat-free and dairy-free meals with the best produce. It’s a brilliant gift for anyone following a vegan diet, and is overflowing with unusual flavours and top-quality pantry staples. Tuck into: 

    1. Seaweed bacon
    2. BBQ jackfruit
    3. Dairy-free pesto 
    4. Luxurious French dark chocolate with almonds

    And re-stock your store cupboard with exquisite Italian olive oil, Defrutum balsamic vinegar and Brindisa’s beautiful Navarrico Garbanzos chickpeas.

    3. A Christmas Hamper for Cocktail Lovers

    The Mixology Hamper

    Do you know your Manhattans from your Mojitos? The Mixology Hamper has everything you need to serve showstopper cocktails – a whopping selection of 20 products, with unusual garnishes, delicious syrups and professional equipment including a muddler, shaker, jigger and corkscrew. This mixologist set is a brilliant gift for anyone who really knows their cocktails, or who wants to take their hosting to the next level. 

    4. A Choice of Cheese and Chocolate Christmas Hampers

    The Cheese Lover's Deluxe Hamper

    This Cheese Lover’s deluxe hamper is the ultimate choice for cheese boards – packed with tangy pickles, punchy chilli jelly, crispy flatbreads, beautiful salami from Parma, and sweet onion and balsamic compote. The olive wood bowl and cheese board set included are wonderful objects, and the natural olive wood board has a ‘paddle’ style handle, so it’s easy to carry from kitchen to table. The cheese knife has a large, wedge-shaped blade for cutting and serving. This is a fantastic Christmas present, or a great gift to bring to a host to compliment any cheese selection.

    What’s better than a Christmas stocking? A Christmas Stocking Hamper that’s bursting with tasty treats and wonderful flavours! This deluxe selection of sweet delights includes: 

    1. Classics such as candy canes and gingerbread dark chocolate,
    2. As well as more unusual flavours such as Lakrid’s salty caramel liquorice 
    3. And Wilie’s Cacao Black Pearls with passion fruit caramel

    The deluxe hamper is a wonderful gift for anyone with a sweet tooth, and will keep you well stocked over the Christmas period and beyond.

    5. Christmas Hampers Filled with French and Spanish treats

    The Best of France Hamper

    The best of France hamper is a veritable Tour de France, showcasing some of the finest brands of French foods and preserves. From Alsace to Provence, the Basque country to the border of Brittany – discover condiments, preserves and ingredients that celebrate the breadth of regional variety in French cuisine. The hamper includes delights such as:

    1. Pommery Royale mustard, 
    2. Beautiful apple & caramel jam from Alsace
    3. Valrhona chocolate, pate de campagne with espelette pepper 
    4. Fantastic olive oil from Provence

    It’s a wonderful selection of French flavours.

    The Best of Spain Hamper

    Lift the lid on the best of Spain hamper to be transported to a Spanish taberna. Enjoy classic tapas like the famous Perello Gordal olives as well as possibly the world’s best almonds, Marcona almonds. There are fine examples of popular Spanish ingredients like paprika and paella rice, along with rarer finds like Chardonnay vinegar from Catalonia. With the best of Spain hamper you’re sure to find plenty to satisfy your love of Spanish cuisine.

    For more Christmas gift sets, check out our selection of cookbook ingredient sets. Or browse all Christmas gifts for more festive inspiration.


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