The Sous Chef Team Favourites

For our 10th Birthday Celebration we have asked our Sous Chef Team to share some of their favourite products! They've tried and tested a whole range of our products over the years, so everyone has at least one product that is permanently stocked in their cupboard. But if they had to pick just one, these are the products that they just can't live without. Whether you've got a savoury or sweet tooth, there will definitely be something you won't have tried yet...

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1. Rose Harissa


'My fave product is probably Rose Harissa. I always make sure to have some at home. Feels such such a cheat to just add loads of flavour with minmial effort. Even better combining it with the Navarrico Garbanzo beans (Large chickpeas) They make an incredible hummus, or roast them with some spices and eat as a snack or topping for salads or other foods' 

Kristin, Buying Assistant

2. Date Syrup


'I tried date syrup for the first time a while back, and it's been great for adding to various summer foods. I love drizzling it on halloumi before grilling or over the top of a blue cheese and pear salad. My favourite is to add to an iced coffee for a little sweetness'

Sarah, Digital Marketing Assistant

3. Kimchi Sesame Seeds

My favourite thing has to be the Kimchi Sesame Seeds! They're spicy, crunchy and go well over some noodles and a fried egg.

Gemma, Customer Services Assistant

4. Perello Olives



'Probably the best olives on the planet!'

Tibor, IT Manager



5. White Mausu Black Bean Rayu


'After finding Black Bean Rayu I can't imagine having everyday cooking without it. My wife can't stop using it for every dish (and I won't stop her). It is such an incredible mix of flavours, that can spice up your usual breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you like miso and chilies I can guarantee you, Black Bean Rayu is the next level. We can never have enough of it'

Istvan, Product Assistant

6. Coco Lopez


'Since discovering Coco Lopez, I've had a frozen Pina Colada at least every other night. In the heatwaves, definitely 1-2 a night, consecutively. It transformed my at home Pina colada game'.

Lilly, Buyer



7. Fiasconaro Pistachio Cream


'Creamy pistachio ice cream is one of my favourite desserts and this spread is basically a tub of it with kitchen cupboard convenience. It is always the first thing on my oats in the morning, if I don't eat it all first..." 

Helena, Marketing Assistant

8. Nduja


I love this on pizza, bread or even stirred through some pasta. It's got a fiery kick so a little goes a long way' 

Daniel, Goods In Team Manager


9. San Marzano Tomatoes


'Since first tried San Marzano variety they are always in my kitchen cupboard. Using to almost anything from soups, sauces, to stews pastas and even on homemade pizzas!'

Ada, Purchasing and Production Manager



Feeling Inspired? Comment below your favourite Sous Chef Ingredients or shop our range of world ingredients.


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