Homemade Raspberry Chocolate Hearts

How do you make heart-shaped chocolate?

In this recipe we've filled dark chocolate shells with a soft raspberry ganache filling made from pure raspberry powder which bursts with fruity tartness. 54% dark chocolate couverture is the perfect cocoa percentage to complement the sharp raspberry flavour, not too bitter, and not too sweet.

To make heart-shaped chocolate, you’ll need to use a chocolate mould. Silicone works well as it is non-stick, producing perfect shapes every time. The flexible mould makes it easy to remove the chocolates once they’ve set.

Wrap these raspberry chocolate hearts in a little tissue paper and present them in a dainty gift box for the perfect romantic edible treat. 

Follow these steps to make your own chocolate hearts at home.

Ingredients for homemade chocolate hearts Serves: 7

Method for homemade chocolate hearts

  1. First make the chocolate shells. Melt 200g dark chocolate in a bain marie. When melted stir in 100g more chocolate. This helps cool the melted chocolate, and ‘tempers’ it. Use a thermometer to check the temperature - when the chocolate has cooled to 31°C it is ready.
  2. Whilst the chocolate cools, clean the chocolate mould - it should be completely dry and spotless.
  3. Pour the tempered chocolate into the mould, filling each heart-shaped segment to the brim.
  4. Firmly tap the mould on the work surface to remove air bubbles, and leave to sit for a minute or two. Turn the mould upside down over a bowl - and give it a few hard shakes to allow the excess chocolate to drain out of the mould. Use a palette knife to scrape away any excess chocolate from the top of the mould. Leave to set, and reserve the excess chocolate for use later.
  5. Next make the ganache filling. Bring the double cream to the boil in a pan, and pour directly over the remaining 60g dark chocolate in a small mixing bowl. Leave for a couple of minutes to allow the hot cream to melt the chocolate. Then stir to form a glossy, smooth ganache. If there are still pieces of chocolate in the mixture heat the bowl gently over a bain-marie to melt them. Stir the pure raspberry powder into the ganache.
  6. Once the chocolate shells have set, using a piping bag, fill each hollow shell with the ganache, filling almost to the brim.
  7. Set aside in a cool place to allow the ganache to set whilst you re-melt the chocolate left over from the shells.
  8. Using a palette knife, spread a little chocolate on top of the ganache layer, sealing the ganache inside. This forms the base of the chocolate.
  9. Leave to solidify in a cool place for one hour.
  10. De-mould the chocolates and store in a cool place. Best enjoyed within a 1-2 days of making. The chocolates will last for longer in the fridge - up to a week - though the surface may dull slightly.
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