Pistachio Oil & Pine Nut 'Pesto' Recipe

This ‘pesto’ is a simple recipe from a dish made by Michelin-starred restaurant, Al Caval. Vibrant, nutty and fresh, stir it through fresh egg pasta for a satisfying supper that bursts with the flavour of Sicily. Or, in true Al Caval fashion, form the mixture into quenelles and serve with roasted game birds like guinea fowl.

Whether you use the raw or roasted pistachio oil is up to you. Both will work, though each will give the final pesto a different flavour. For more information on how using roasted or raw nut oil can change a dish, see our article on the world's best nut oils.

Ingredients for 4 people


  1. Roughly crush the pistachios and pine nuts in a mortar and pestle.
  2. Add the parsley and chives. Grind the nut and herb mixture as finely as you can.
  3. Transfer to a mixing bowl and stir in the cream. Then add the pistachio oil, one tablespoon at a time, stirring well in between each addition. Once you are happy with the consistency, season with salt & pepper to taste. NOTE: If you are planning to shape the mixture into quenelles, you may not need to use all four tablespoons of the pistachio oil.
  4. Either stir through freshly cooked pasta and top with parmesan shavings, or shape into quenelles and serve alongside roasted guinea fowl, lamb or fish.
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