It's BBQ Season!

ProQ BBQ smokers and Bradley smokers hot smoke food - which means they cook as well as flavouring with smoke. The ProQ BBQ Smokers offer a truly authentic American BBQ experience – cook low 'n' slow ribs, beef brisket and pulled pork. Bradley smokers are the ultimate in intuitive and fuss-free smoking – ideal for regular outdoor smoking without the need for constant monitoring. Get summer ready with a complete smoking pack!

Bradley Smoker Value Packs

The Bradley smoker takes care of everything for you – just load up the smoke generator with your choice of Bradley wood bisquettes, set the desired temperature on the dial and switch it on. That’s all there is to it to cook perfect hot-smoked brisket, pulled pork and ribs!

Each of these bundles packages an easy-to-use Bradley electric smoker plus a weather resistant cover and bumper pack of five flavour bisquettes to get the fire going.

Save £50+ when you buy a Bradley smoker together with wood chips and rain cover!

Bradley Original Smoker Value Pack

The entry level smoker, with four separate levels for smoking – and is a great choice if you don’t need a digital display.

Bradley Smoker 4-Rack Value Pack

Bradley's most popular model. Perfect size to smoke your own meat, poultry, fish and even cheese at the touch of a button.

Bradley Smoker 6-Rack Value Pack

Bradley smoker’s largest model – often favoured by chefs – with six separate levels for smoking.

Hot & Cold Smoking Sets

The ProQ 3in1 BBQ smokers are the backyard BBQ all-rounder. Quickly grill burgers, or take the low 'n' slow approach, burning coals and wood chips for hours to cook Memphis-style pulled pork, ribs and brisket. The BBQs also make the perfect cold-smoking chamber, with hooks for hanging sides of salmon. So we've packed them together with a cold smoke generator for just that. As well as some hot and cold smoking wood chips. Just add meat or fish and coals!

Grab a bargain! Save up to £75 when you buy our complete ProQ Hot & Cold Smoking Sets.

ProQ Hot & Cold Smoking Starter Set

The perfect introduction for anyone new to home smoking!

ProQ Deluxe Complete Hot & Cold Smoking Set

The bigger the better! The top of the range ProQ Elite 3in1 BBQ Smoker is the ultimate BBQ smoker for parties. Get the fire started more quickly with a chimney starter, plus an even larger cold smoke generator.

Read our full hot & cold smoking guides Choosing a Food SmokerGetting Started with American BBQ, and Top 10 Expert Tips for American BBQ.

Or browse Food Smokers & BBQ for the whole range and great accessories.


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