Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide 2013

Delight friends and family this Christmas as we guide you through Sous Chef's range of foodie Christmas gifts: from cookbook and ingredients kits, tasting selections, unusual hampers, to stocking fillers and recipe kits.

Authentic Chinese Cooking Set

For the World Traveller

For the seasoned traveller and the cookery programme addict, our Cookery Book Sets and Authentic Cuisine Sets provide all the essentials to start exploring a new culinary culture. The Every Grain of Rice Store Cupboard Set (£39.50) makes a great introduction to Chinese Cuisine. Travelling through the Hispanic world we've put together the Deluxe Paella Set complete with a 4-person paella pan and an Authentic Mexican Cooking Set (£35) with Diana Kennedy's Essential Cuisines of Mexico. Escape to the Middle East with our Jerusalem Cookbook Set and South-East Asia with the Authentic Vietnamese Cooking Set (£35).

And if they claim their library of cookbooks is too large already, why not take them on a discovery tour of unusual seasonings with a World Salt Selection (£21.50) and the World Pepper Selection (£15.50)?

Dolsot Bibimbap Kit

For those that have been caught up in Korea-mania over the the last 12 months, you can't go wrong with this Korean Bibimbap set (£33.50), which includes a traditional dolsot stone bowl, ingredients and recipe card for the spicy rice dish. The Kimchi Making Kit (£14.50) will ensure they have enough of the famous hot fizzy cabbage pickle to last them all year.

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

For the Master Baker

For bakers that are forever on a quest to bake the perfect loaf the Baker's Dozen Gift Box is a must-have. The Sweet Mini Maverick Box (£22.50) would excite flavour magpies with its range of unusual baking ingredients.

Smoke 'n' Spice BBQ Kit

For American Barbecue & Smoking Fiend

Don't let your friends' barbecue enthusiasm be dampened by the bad weather - this set of 4 natural flavours of Liquid Smoke (£10) creates instant American BBQ flavour with just a few shakes. For the more patient folk, the ProQ Frontier Smoker (£195) is ideal for BBQ-ing from scratch - perhaps even to present an slow-cooked BBQ turkey on Christmas day. If you think they might be up for smoking their own Boxing Day smoked salmon, the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (£34.95), and ProQ Eco Smoker (£24.95) - the chamber to hold the cold smoke - are great gifts. Or if they prefer those smoky flavours without having to step outdoors, the Cameron Smoker (£59) and Cameron Mini Smoker (£39) will hot smoke food in just 20 to 30 minutes on a gas or electric hob.

Round The World Chilli Tour

For the Chilli Fanatic

The Round the World Chilli Tour (£35), an array of chilli-based ingredients from 10 different countries, is sure to delight and inspire chilli fanatics, not to mention tickle their taste buds! Or present them with the Mexican Chilli Selection (£11), a great guide to discovering the difference between the smoky-sweetness of a guajillo, and the citrus heat of a piquin.

Deluxe Sushi Set

For the Nipponophile

These gifts are perfect for anyone who's obsessed with Japanese food and culture and who longs to make a pilgrimage to the Land of the Rising Sun - whether it's perfecting the art of sushi with a Deluxe Sushi Box Kit (£27.50), or learning the fundamentals of Japanese cookery with the Authentic Japanese Cooking Kit (£42). Before long they'll be sipping on sake from traditional cups with the Deluxe Sakura Sake Set (£40) or performing their own Japanese tea ceremony with the Shizen Blue Japanese Teapot & Teacup Set (£75).

Superfast Thermapen Thermometer

For the Molecular Chef

The molecular chef loves to get serious with technology - be it a  Superfast Thermapen Thermometer (£48) or the Twist Sous Vide Circulator (£120) or even the complete Deluxe Sous Vide Supreme Starter Set (£435) - they'll be playing around with their new gastro gadget all Christmas.

Deluxe Truffle Gift Set

For the Hosts

Get into the festive cheer by arriving at your hosts' home laden with gourmet gifts such as a luxury tipple of Italian Grappa with Truffle (£10.50). And if you really want to show your gratitude with a touch of extravagance the Truffle Pig Gift Box (£43.50) makes a lovely gift to be enjoyed throughout the year. Or present the cook with a Chiostro di Saronno Pandoro (£17) or Panettone (£19.50) for everyone to tuck into on Boxing Day - he or she will thank you for it! For a heart-felt, thoughtful thank you Create Your Own Hamper (£15) filled with an array of Sous Chef treats.

Maverick Flavour Hamper

For the impossible to buy for

The Maverick Flavour Hamper (£40) and the Mini-Maverick Savoury (£20) and Mini-Maverick Sweet (£22.50) is packed with fabulous flavours for adventurous cooks and chefs. And if you think they'd rather decide for themselves, Sous Chef Gift Vouchers are available in £10, £25, £50 and £100.

Boiled Egg Mould - Bear & Bunny

Stocking Fillers

Children will love this colourful Gingerbread Lebbkuchen Box (£4.75) and breakfast time need never be dull with Boiled Egg Moulds shaped like a Bear and Bunny (£4.50). And for a grown-up stocking this sweet, little bottle of Limoncello (£3.50) will go down a treat.

Crystallised Rose Petal Pieces 30g

For celebrations to come

These Crystallised Rose Petal Pieces (£4.95) transform a glass of sparkling wine into a fantastic, fizzy, floral cocktail to see in the New Year. And why stop there? January doesn't have to be so dull when there's baking involved - try our Chinese New Year Cake Recipe Kit (£5) and a drop of Beijing's Dragon Er Guo Tuo Firewater (£54) to welcome in the Year of the Horse.


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