New Arrivals To Get You Through Winter

It's cold outside... so why not treat yourself to these new arrivals. From Michelin Starred Chef's acclaimed maple syrup to the world's bestselling spirit, this eclectic selection will get you through Winter.

Escuminac Late Harvest Amber Maple Syrup, 200ml

Served at 3 Michelin Starred Astrance, Guy Savoy and Pierre Gagnaire, this maple syrup is unlike any you've tried before. Instead of an ambiguous blend, this syrup is harvested from a single organic forest.

Mazet de Montargis Pralines Tin, 250g

Try the original French praline. Featured on this year's Great British Bake Off, Mazet's recipe for their grilled and caramelised almonds has remained unchanged since its invention for the court of Louis XIII in 1636.

Glass Gravy Fat Separator, 800ml

You never knew a gravy separator could be this beautiful! Treat yourself while stocks last. Made from heat resistant glass that can cope with sudden temperature changes up to 140°C, it'll separate even the hottest pan drippings.

Yukishino Ramen Bowl Set

Choose a new design of Japanese glaze stoneware - perfect for serving authentic ramen. The set includes a pair of stunning bowls, ramen ladles, noodles and recipe card.

Though little known in the UK, Chinese baijiu is the world's bestselling spirit. At 50% alcohol, and with an intense taste, there's no mistaking you're drinking something warming! This popular Beijing brand is worth trying, though – be warned – it'll certainly divide opinions amongst your dinner guests...  

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