12 Easter Gift Ideas For Food Lovers 2021

Looking for Easter gifts? From unusual Easter eggs to delicious Italian bakes, and gourmet chocolate – Sous Chef’s Easter gift guide is packed with unusual ideas to treat friends and family over the holiday.

What to buy for Easter

Fiasconaro Gianduja & Manna Cream Colomba Gift Box

Colomba are Italian cakes, which are traditionally made on Good Friday. They are shaped like a dove to represent peace and the Holy Spirit. Serve on Easter Sunday morning with a coffee for a very Italian start to the day!

This colomba is topped with Crema di Manna – a cream of honey, hazelnuts, almond and Sicilian ash sap cream. The extraordinary combination is perfect with white chocolate decorations and gianduja chocolate drops. It’s something a little different for your Easter table.

Loison Regal Cioccolato Colomba

Filled with indulgent chocolate cream and studded with dark chocolate drops, Loison’s Regal Cioccolato chocolate colomba cake makes a wonderful Easter treat. The colomba comes in a floral box tied with an elegant ribbon, meaning you don't even have to wrap it.

Muzzi Limoncello Colomba

Muzzi’s limoncello colomba is filled with sweet limoncello cream, candied lemon peel, and pieces of plain chocolate – all nestled in a rich buttery, golden brioche-style dough. Enjoy this Easter colomba cake just as it is, served with an afternoon cup of tea or a morning coffee. The beautiful animal print wrapping also makes this a stylish Easter gift.

The colomba is made using a slow-leavened sourdough method, with fresh eggs and Italian sugar. The candied lemons come from southern Italy, chosen for their size and beautiful aroma. While the butter is made from cows who graze on open grasslands, which enriches their milk with even more flavour.

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Hand Painted Centrepiece Dish - Pomegranates & Lemons 35cm

This statement dish is sure to wow guests with its bright shades of sunshine yellow, sea blue and pops of red. The twisted side handles are an extra detail that make this dish beautiful to look at, and carry.

Lakrids Easter Egg - Crispy Caramel Chocolate Coated Liquorice 480g

Each of these dramatically black little balls holds a centre of soft, sweet liquorice wrapped in silky smooth dulce caramelised chocolate. The eggs are held in a thin, crispy shell which is finished with Maldon sea salt flakes and a dusting of raw liquorice powder. The combination is a wonderful marriage of sweet-salty flavours and soft-crunchy textures. You’ll find one is never enough!

The eggs are decorated with silver speckles for the final elegant touch. Rich, intensely flavoured and totally gorgeous – the Lakrids Crispy Caramel Aegg makes a wonderful Easter gift or a treat for yourself.

Artisan Du Chocolat Sea Salted Caramels

These decadent caramel-filled balls make for a very special Easter chocolate. Artisan du Chocolat Original Sea Salted Caramels No. 1 were first created for Gordon Ramsay’s menu at Claridge's in 2003. Bite through the light cocoa powder dusting, through the perfectly crisp sphere of intense dark chocolate, and delight in the liquid salt caramel centre.  

The salted caramel is flecked with grey salt from Noirmoutier Island, on the west coast of France. The pure untreated grey salt, harvested by hand from clay marshes, holds a wealth of minerals and trace elements that enrich its taste. 

Piemonte Hazelnut Gianduja Spread 200g

A great gift for any Nutella fan, this Italian chocolate and hazelnut spread is a seriously upmarket spread for pancakes, macarons, ice-cream – or simply spread on toast or crumpets.

Italian hazelnut gianduja spread is made with cocoa and Piemonte IGP hazelnuts, often considered the best hazelnuts in the world. The ultra-smooth spread is wonderfully indulgent, while a hint of Bourbon vanilla makes it seriously moreish.

Springerle & Speculaas Biscuit Roller

Roll out celebration biscuits for Easter, with this traditional German pear wood rolling pin. The roller features 12 different designs of birds, flowers, berries, squirrels and prestigious buildings. 

Pear wood has been used to make biscuit moulds since at least the 17th century. It has a very fine grain, which is essential when you want to carve intricate designs without splitting the wood.

Persiana Cookbook Set

Jazz up your Easter lamb recipe with help from Persian cook Sabrina Ghayour. As well as beautiful roast lamb recipes, the book includes fantastic salads, tagines and sharing mezze dishes. The perfect gift for any keen cook looking for new recipes for entertaining a crowd.

This cookbook set also includes pomegranate molasses, rose petals, za’atar, sumac, dried lime, saffron and barberries.

Andree Jardin Wooden Table Brush & Dustpan

Look forward to a little Spring cleaning this Easter, with Andre Jardin’s stylish dustpan and brush set. The lacquered beechwood handle is gently moulded to be comfortable in the hand, while the dark bristles are made with black horsehair mixed with synthetic fibres. 

The sturdy dustpan tray is made from steel, and will pick up even the most delicate crumbs. The set was designed by interior and fabric designers ‘Mr. And Mrs. Clynk’, in partnership with Andrée Jardin.

The ideal gift for keen bakers, this Maverick Sweet Selection features tonka beans, raspberry powder, passion fruit powder, cocoa nibs, and violet petal pieces. 

The beautiful colours are perfect for decorating Spring-time bakes. It’s a fantastic choice for any food lover, when a pot of jam or bottle of oil won’t cut it!

Find more gift guides for foodies here, or browse the full Sous Chef gift selection for more inspiration.


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