10 Easter Gift Ideas for Foodies 2022

Easter isn’t just for kids! Celebrate the four-day weekend by giving thanks to friends and family or treating yourself to that luxury Easter egg you’ve always wanted. Choose from beautifully wrapped, fragrant Italian colomba cakes that are ready to gift, or get creative at home with a DIY Easter egg kit. Give your gifts a personal touch with a note, and we'll include a gift card and tissue paper for an extra-special Easter gift.

Fiasconaro x Dolce & Gabbana Mandorle di Sicilia Colomba 750g

Colomba are Italian cakes, traditionally made on Good Friday and perfect for serving on erve Easter Sunday morning with a freshly brewed, dark roasted coffee!! The colomba is made using a slow-leavened sourdough method, with the finest eggs, Italian sugar and butter made from the rich, creamy milk of cows that graze on open grasslands. The light, airy dough is studded with candied oranges from Sicily, chosen for their size and fragrant aroma. 

Loison Regal Cioccolato Colomba

Loison’s Regal Cioccolato chocolate colomba cake has a feather-light crumb, filled with silky-smooth chocolate cream and studded with dark chocolate drops. It’s the perfect Easter treat! Wrapped in  shimmering pink decorative paper tied f with an elegant blue ribbon, it’s also a stunning gift that’s ready to give right away. 

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Lakrids Easter Egg - Crispy Caramel Chocolate Coated Liquorice 480g

Each of these dramatic, black and silver-speckled eggs  holds a centre of soft, sweet liquorice wrapped in velvet-smooth dulce caramelised chocolate. Encased in a thin, crispshell, they’re  finished with Maldon sea salt flakes and a dusting of raw liquorice powder. The combination is an excitingmarriage of sweet-salty flavours and soft-crunchy textures. You’ll find that one is never enough!

Rich, intensely flavoured and completely irresistible– the Lakrids crispy caramel egg makes an exciting Easter gift for loved ones or a  well-deserved treat for yourself.

Neuhaus Easter Bunny with Praline Eggs 100g

This cute pastel-coloured bunny is the perfect gift for praline lovers. Made by the inventors of the filled chocolate praline, no-less, the box is filled with nine mini-eggs each with its own unique flavour made from carefully sourced ingredients. Choose from dark gianduja, crispy white chocolate or salted caramel.

Valrhona Seafood-Shape Chocolates 140g

New for 2022, this selection of  delicate chocolates shaped like prawns, squid and ocean fish nod to the  traditional French Easter tradition of   celebrating the ‘miraculous catch’ that Jesus summoned from the Sea of Galilee. 

Stuart Gardiner Bee Friendly Tea Towel

This beautifully illustrated tea towel brings springtime into your kitchen and will add a moment of joy to a dreary kitchen task. The design of this decorative linen shows the best seasonal flowers for bringing bees into your back garden, supporting their pollination and building a beautiful display in the process.    Gift by itself or with some  honey and flower seeds for a thoughtful  bee-themed gift. 

Booja Booja Chocolate Salted Caramel Large Easter Egg 138g

Not only are these eggs hand-painted in beautiful,  unique designs – they are also completely vegan. The bright, floral  patterned wooden shells are filled with indulgent salted-caramel truffles, which are dusted with cocoa powder before they’re wrapped and secured with a silky bow. They are also gluten and soya-free so perfect for anyone with dietary restrictions. 

Terre Exotique Sparkling Sugar 100g (Popping Candy)

This is one for the baking-mad friend you’ve run out of ideas for!  Make a batch of rum rum some fudge or rich chocolate tarts and top with popping candy for a fun and surprising hand-made present or buy as a standalone gift No matter what, popping candy will always bring out someone’s inner child and add  a little joy to your baking. 

Sous Chef Gift Card

A gift card is a perfect solution for those hard-to-please friends and family members. Treat the avid cook or baker in your life to a shopping spree on our website, where they can choose from our 3000+ strong collection of artisanal ingredients sourced from all over the world. Choose between an actual card that will be posted to your door or an electronic version that can be gifted instantaneously - the ideal last-minute solution. 

Find more gift guides for foodies here, or browse the full Easter range for more inspiration.


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