Sous Chef Christmas Gift Guide 2014

If you haven't yet figured out what to buy the foodie or chef in your life, take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide. There's something for every kind of foodie - from gift sets inspired by world cuisine through to luxury hampers and stocking fillers.

For The Seasoned Cook

Salt and pepper deserve to be more than a mere afterthought - and we've travelled the globe sourcing the most unusual, colourful and flavourful salts and peppers. Our redesigned salt and pepper selections surprise and delight with different colours and flavours of an ingredient you thought you were so familiar with. Each set comes with tasting notes and a recipe suggestion  

World Salt Selection

As featured in BBC Good Food. From the sapphire-coloured crystals of Persian blue salt to the coarse, crunchy bite of red alae salt; from the oceanic, charred, mineral taste of black lava sea salt to the big, smoky flavours of Viking smoked salt - this world salt selection never fails to excite! The salts vary in texture, taste, size and colour, helping to bring out different flavours, textures and visual contrasts in dishes.

World Pepper Selection

As featured in Delicious Magazine. From the musky, liquorice warmth of Borneo Sarawak white pepper to the incredibly rare, hand-harvested Voatsiperifery pepper from Madagascar; from the big, eucalyptus flavours and cold spiciness of cubeb pepper, to the delicate citrus-heat of Cambodian kampot pepper - this is a tasting selection of some of the World’s finest peppers. 

Maverick Flavour Hamper

For The Flavour Maverick

If you’re worried that a pot of chutney or bottle of oil won’t cut it, then this combination of unusual ingredients is plenty to excite them and get their creative juices flowing. The selections come with tasting notes and a recipe suggestion which will inspire cooks to greatness with unusual tastes and textures from around the world

Maverick Flavour Selection Savoury (£25)  Maverick Flavour Selection Sweet (£25) Or choose the complete Maverick Flavour Hamper (£49.50), combining both sweet and savoury collections.  

For The Intrepid Traveller

These gift sets are ideal for jet-setters and globetrotters who are still reminiscing about their last trip abroad. Now they can travel the world from their kitchen, recreating dishes from their travels. The sets come with either a cookbook or tasting notes and are carefully packaged in a cargo-style sack:

Round The World Chilli Tour

Travel the world from your kitchen by comparing and contrasting chillies from ten different countries. From America’s most famous hot sauce, to India’s infamously hot bhut jolokhia chilli, this selection is perfect for the heat-fiend!

Authentic Persian Cooking Set

Includes Sabrina Ghayour's famed cookbook, Persiana, plus rare and delicious Middle Eastern Ingredients. The recipes are visually stunning and exotic - a vibrant celebration of the food and flavours of the Middle East.

Authentic Indian Cooking Set

More Authentic Cookbook Sets include all the hard-to-find ingredients to get started cooking from a new cuisine along with a cookbook. For a definitive introduction to the cuisine, choose from IndianMexicanJapanese, ChineseVietnamese, Spanish, Thai, and Moroccan. Plus there are sets based on a a number of other new cookbook releases: Ottolenghi's Plenty More, Mimi Aye's Noodle!, The Edible Atlas and the Honey & Co Cookbook - and the ever popular Ottolenghi's Jerusalem.

Or for the ultimate immersion in another culture's cuisine, these hampers are an Aladdin's cave of wondrous, unusual ingredients, a whole store-cupboard transported from afar, Mexican Fiesta Hamper, Great Hamper of China. 

Ultimate Ramen Kit

For Ramen Fiends

This Ramen Making Kit (£39.50) and  Ultimate Ramen Kit contain all you need to start creating authentic ramen dishes as soon as you receive it. Ivan Ramen is the only English-language book that offers a look inside the cultish world of ramen making in Japan. And we've paired his indispensable ramen cookbook with 7 difficult-to-find ramen ingredients and the perfect tableware to enjoy ramen at home. As featured in The Independent and Vogue.

Japanese Ramen Bowl Set

Beautiful tableware is a must-have for any nipponophile - this Japanese Ramen Bowl Set (£35) makes for a stunning meal for two.

Complete Pasta Making Kit

For Pasta-lovers

For pasta aficionados, these pasta-making sets and rolling pins are a fun way to get your hands stuck in, making pasta from scratch: Pasta Starter Kit (£27.50) As featured in You Home Magazine. Complete Pasta Making Kit (£89.50) Pasta Rolling Pins - ravioli (£12), tagliatelle, pappardelle, spaghetti (£4.50 each) As featured in The Independent & BBC Good Food!

Sourdough Bread Making Kit

For The GBBO Addict

For Great British Bake Off fans this Pâtissier's Hamper is a dream come true!  The quality ingredients included in the hamper will enable them to take their pâtisserie to the next level, and look forward to baking even that little bit more in the year ahead. Or if bread's more their thing, this Baker's Dozen Gift Box will help them to produce loaves even Paul Hollywood would approve of!

For The Hostess With The Mostess

Say thank you with a Luxury Italian Hamper (£100). Not only can this hamper be enjoyed by everyone, it will also take the pressure off the hosts around Christmas with its collection of luxury Italian products that can be quickly transformed into a sumptuous meal or afternoon tea. Or for the sweet-toothed this Italian Sweet Treat Gift Selection (£50) is packed full of classic Italian confectionery and cakes all presented in beautiful vintage Italian packaging. La dolce vita indeed! italian-sweet-treat-gift-selection

Salt Block Cooking Set

For the host and hostess who love to make an impression, this Salt Block Cooking Set (£32.50) is perfect for creating a stunning, entertaining centrepiece. Salt blocks are used for serving, curing, warming, cooking and chilling food at the table. Mark Bitterman's Salt Block Cooking provides over 70 recipes using these 5 different techniques. Or buy the salt plates individually in two different sizes.

Smoke 'n' Spice BBQ Kit

For Carnivores & Cheese Lovers

This Meat Lover's Gift Set (£75) is the perfect gift for keen carnivores and lovers of a steak supper. The meat lover’s ‘sack’ contains a connoisseur’s selection of condiments – from black truffle oil to drizzle over a fillet, to smoked chilli salsita for dolloping on a rib eye, or spicing up a pork chop. The selection also includes a beautifully weighted Chinese brass meat cleaver, for tackling almost any bird or joint with gusto.

Camerons Stovetop Smoker

Smoking your own comes into its own at Christmas and these pieces of equipment make a great gift for anyone who likes to discover new cooking techniques. The Camerons Stovetop Smoker (£59) or Camerons Gourmet Mini Smoker (£39) are perfect for making your own hot smoked salmon - or even smoking a small turkey by simply making an aluminium foil tent to cover the item when you cook it, instead of using the smoker lid. Or try cold smoking a side of salmon using the Cold Smoke Generator (£34.95) - cold smoking also works well with other fish, meats and cheeses. We're thinking home-smoked bacon sandwiches on Boxing Day!

The Ultimate Cheese Making Kit

Cheese Platters and Plates - These vintage Camembert designs make for a beautiful centrepiece at the table and backdrop for displaying cheeses. The porcelain range includes Classic Camembert Plates (£16.50), a set of 6 Classic Cheese Board Cheese Plates (£32.50),  a Classic Camembert Baker (£18) and a Classic Camembert Baker Platter (£30). 

Mixed Fruit Mostarda

Mostarda - The ultimate in cheese board accompaniments, these whole candied fruits are soaked in a mustard syrup giving them a bit of kick which works beautifully with cheese or charcuterie. Choose between fig, clementine or mixed fruits.

For Sous Chef Fans!

We've picked out some of our favourite products to put together these stunning  luxury sets: The Deluxe Sous Chef Classic Selection (£82.50) The Sous Chef Classic Selection (£45)


Meanwhile if you're worried about getting someone something they already have, or you simply ran out of time to buy a gift in the shops,  Sous Chef E-Gift Vouchers make a lovely treat! The vouchers are available in denominations of £10, £25, £50 or £100 and are sent up until 5pm on 23rd December.

Popping Candy 75g

Stocking Fillers

For fun, edible stocking fillers look no further. Children will love this Popping Candy  which crackles and fizzes in the mouth. Or these cute boiled egg moulds (£4.50) provide the perfect entertainment for younger children at breakfast time - available in both fish & car and bear & bunny shapes.

Spicy Tabasco Chocolate Tin

For grown-up kids this Spicy Tabasco Chocolate Tin (£4.95) and Venchi Chocolate Truffle Cigar (£5.95) make a lovely addition to a Christmas stocking - sure to be gobbled up before the morning's out.

Excalibur Dehydrator 4-Tray

Santa I've Been Really Good This Year

If you've been good this year you deserve a real treat. These fabulous pieces of kit will bring years of joy in the kitchen: Excalibur Dehydrator 4-Tray  Undoubtedly the world's best dehydrator, this really is one to invest in. A dehydrator is ideal for making jerky, fruit leathers and vegetable crisps. We've even found they work wonders when perfecting macarons.

Deluxe Sousvide Supreme Sous Vide Set

Deluxe Sousvide Supreme Sous Vide Set. Master the art of sous vide cooking with this full set. The SousVide Supreme is the world’s first sous vide machine designed specifically for home and small restaurant kitchens. Sous vide cooking locks in the flavour and preserves the nutritional quality of whatever food is cooked inside. The set includes the full size stainless steel finish SousVide Supreme, the SousVide Supreme vacuum sealing machine, and a roll of SousVide Supreme sous vide bags. Save £60 when you buy the kit together.

ProQ Frontier Elite 3in1 BBQ Smoker

The ProQ Frontier 3 In 1 BBQ Smoker. The ProQ Frontier 3 in 1 BBQ Smoker is the best way to get hot smoky American BBQ flavours by hot-smoking everything from brisket to ribs, pulled pork, or even a Thanksgiving turkey. Not only is the ProQ Frontier perfect for cooking "low 'n' slow", but you can also 'grill' - removing the two middle sections and cooking without a lid; 'roast', cooking on all two levels but at a higher temperature; and even use the Frontier as a chamber for cold smoking, with the ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (sold separately).

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