Malle W. Trousseau: French Kitchen Essentials

Each item from Malle w. Trousseau fulfils their three fundamental criteria: it is well thought-out, well designed and well made. They are, above all, designed to be used day in and day out, and to make even the most everyday cooking enjoyable – for a lifetime.

Malle w. Trousseau was born when the founders’ daughter left home and she asked to take a selection of her favourite kitchen utensils – it turned out to be quite the collection! This reminded Isabelle Mathez and Frédéric Winkler of the trousseau that their grandparents would have received when they got married – a trunk of essential household items, clothes & linens that would set up a bride in her new home.

Malle w. Trousseau Great Tools for Oysters

Open oysters in style with this safe and easy to use leather ‘glove’ for better grip and professional knife La Lancette, with a steel blade and stunning rosewood handle  

Malle w. Trousseau Cast Iron Spice Grinder

Your kitchen companion for life. Pour whole spices into the pot, lightly push and twist. You can also use the grinder to store any unused herbs and spices – the inner section is partly hollow and has a natural cork stopper to keep things fresh.  

Malle w. Trousseau Leather Welcome Apron

Your new favourite cover-up for every messy household task. The aprons are handmade to a design inspired by blacksmith’s aprons, but are considerably lighter for comfort! The real calf’s leather is wonderfully soft and supple, so it's gorgeous to wear straight away.  

Use this oven glove and pot holder to protect your hands from burns, and add a touch of French style to everyday kitchen tasks. The glove and pot holder are made from real calf’s leather, and are wonderfully soft and supple. The glove and pot holder are padded with foam, and the glove is lined with cotton for comfort. The leather will pick up marks from hot surfaces and develop a patina with use – a visual reminder of your adventures in the kitchen.  

Malle w. Trousseau The Small Mandolin, with interchangeable blades

Use it to cut wafer-thin slices of vegetables, fruit, and even cheese. The mandolin comes with a nifty protector for your fingers – use it to grip the ingredient you’re slicing, and your fingers will stay clear of the blade right to the last slice. It also comes with an easily interchangeable fine grater attachment. Use for whole spices like nutmeg, ginger or garlic, for cheese or even chocolate. The size of the mandolin means it can be easily held in the hand, so you can use it at the table to add the finishing touches to a dish.

The mandolin blade and grater attachment are Swiss made stainless steel.  

Browse the full Malle w. Trousseau range here.


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