Loison Top Line: The Best Panettone You'll Taste

Only the finest ingredients are selected for Loison's Top Line panettones. The cream and butter is from local farms in the Italian mountains. The sea salt is hand harvested Italian Cervia sea salt – known as white gold – and the vanilla is of course from Madagascar. The panettones are also slow matured for flavour over 72 hours using sourdough yeast. This superb attention to detail makes for one of Italy’s finest panettones.
This was the best panettone I have ever had *****

Loison have been baking panettones for over 75 years, started by Tranquillo Loison in 1838. And today his grandson Dario cares for the business. For Loison’s ‘top line’ panettones, all the ingredients are carefully selected by Dario: the freshest eggs, butter and cream from Italy’s mountain farms, and fine Italian flours and sugar. The panettones are made with the traditional sourdough process. Each yeasted cake takes 72 hours from beginning to end, which gives rise to the panettone’s exquisite texture and rich flavour.
I should have bought more than just two!!! ******

Dario’s wife, Sonia, designs beautiful tins, ribbons and wrapping papers for Loison’s luxurious cakes, making them the perfect present. The elegant panettone tins can be used time and time again – Loison panettones are gifts that carry on giving long after Christmas.

The Classic

Loison Classic Handwrapped Panettone

The Loison Classic Panettone is a real Christmas treat. Made with candied citrus peel, raisins and a hint of Madagascan vanilla they are beautifully soft and aromatic. Considered one of Italy’s finest panettones, the Loison Classic Panettone is hand-wrapped in gorgeous paper to make a perfect gift.


New Flavours

Loison Panettone with Rose

Loison’s exquisite panettone has been given a sophisticated makeover. A delicately fragranced Damask rose cream made with fresh ricotta runs through this soft and fluffy panettone.

Loison Panettone with Marron Glace

Chestnuts and Christmas are almost inseparable, making this panettone with marron glacé from Loison an irresistible addition to your festive table.

Loison Panettone with Amarena Cherries

Swap candied citrus for plump sour cherries in this twist on an Italian classic

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