Best Advent Calendars for Adults 2018

Advent calendars for adults have become hugely popular in recent years. Everybody loves an advent calendar, after all! The excitement of getting a treat each day brightens up even the darkest of December mornings and eases us into the festive season. Here are Sous Chef’s pick of the best advent calendars for adults, getting you into the Christmas spirit in the most delicious ways possible!

Lakrids Family Luxury Liquorice Advent Calendar

Most advent calendars give you one treat each day in the count down to Christmas. But the Lakrids family luxury liquorice advent calendar gives you – wait for it – SIX gourmet liquorice surprises every day! It’s a fantastic choice for sharing between a liquorice-loving family, and for couples looking to treat themselves to something a bit more luxurious.

True to Lakrids’ form, there’s lots of flavour combinations to discover. Like chocolate, coffee, raspberry and other ingredients expertly married with the finest Danish liquorice.

The Big Chilli Advent Calendar 2018

Quite possibly the best foodie advent calendar ever! The Big Chilli Advent Calendar is perfect for chilli-loving adults and anyone looking for something unique. And it’s not just us who think so – Great British Food Magazine, BBC Good Food and Your Home Magazine are just a few publications who love it, too!

With The Big Chilli Advent Calendar you’ll get to discover 25 different chillies – that’s a different one every day, including Christmas day! But it’s much more than a chilli a day. Inside the box you’ll find an exclusive recipe booklet, with over 20 recipes using your chillies. It showcases just how versatile the chilli pepper is, with recipes for cakes, curries, pasta dishes, drinks and more! And it doesn’t stop there – there are vegan recipe options for every single chilli, too. Enjoy a completely vegan advent, or pick and choose the recipes you like best.

For even more ideas, the booklet includes tasting notes and further information on every one of the chillies. So, if you have any chilli left over, you’ll have plenty of inspiration for what to cook with it next. Want to make your favourite recipe from the advent calendar again? Top up with chillies from Sous Chef whenever you like! It’s the gift that keeps on giving long after advent has ended.

Mazet de Montargis Bear Praline Advent Calendar

OK, so a calendar illustrated with a dancing bear may not look like it’s for adults. But the treats inside are sure to make any sweet-toothed grown up happy!

The advent calendar features sweets and chocolates from Mazet de Montargis, a French luxury confectioner. As well as fruit jellies and indulgent chocolates, you’ll find Mazet’s original ‘praslines’. These are crisp, caramelised almonds with a hint of vanilla, and are made to a recipe that was originally developed for the court of Louis XIII. This is one advent calendar that will make you feel like a royal every day.

Cafe Tasse Chocolate Advent Calendar

Chocolates and advent go together like strawberries and cream. Even more so when the chocolate is some of the finest in Belgium! Count the days until Christmas with an assortment of 24 mini bars and Neapolitan squares of Café Tasse chocolate.

As well as fine examples of milk, dark and white chocolate, you’ll find some of their most popular flavours. Think Earl Grey tea, coconut, caramelised hazelnut and more. Embrace your inner child and scoff each morning as soon as you wake up, or do the adult thing and save your little bites of luxury until your afternoon coffee.


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