Black Glutinous Rice


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Origin: Thailand
SKU: SE0060
Size: 1kg
Cuisine: China
Minimum Shelf Life: 6 months
Also known as: Sticky rice, sweet rice, waxy rice, botan rice or mochi rice, gao nep


Glutinous rice is a short-grained Asian variety known for its sticky texture. The black rice turns almost purple in colour when cooked. Misleadingly, glutinous rice does not contain gluten, but the name refers to the rice’s ‘glue-like’ quality which easily binds it rice into balls and cakes.  

Glutinous rice is widely used in Chinese and south east asian cookery. However, it is now commonly used in the West and the black glutinous rice creates a stunning back drop to other brightly coloured ingredients - a poached egg, griddled chicken breasts, or a bright green leafy salad.

Soak the rice in cold water before cooking. Then - ideally - steam the rice for perfect fluffly grains. Alternatively simmer in double the volume of water to rice, until all the water has evaporated or absorbed. Infuse the rice with tea flavours by wrapping it in lotus leaves before steaming, or drench it in coconut milk and serve with mango for a traditional Thai dessert. 

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