Bean Curd Skin Dumpling Wrapper


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SKU: MI0013
Size: 50g
Cuisine: Southeast Asia
Minimum Shelf Life: 3 months
Also known as: Soft bean curd skin


Bean curd skin is a moist, thin sheet made from lifting the surface skin off boiled soybean milk.

The bean curd skin can be used to wrap dim sum dumplings and or - a little more challenging - for gyoza shaped dumplings. Bean curd skin is also a popular gluten-free spring roll wrapper and is delightful fried in Malaysian pork rolls, lor bak, or steamed in Chinese fu pei guen, beancurd skin rolls. Unlike wheat-based gyoza wrappers which soften as it cooks, beancurd skin crisps. 

To prepare the bean curd skin clean and carefully remove excess salt with a damp cloth. Cut the wet bean curd skin into the required size and wrap around the filling before steaming or frying it.

Ingredients: Soy beans, water, vegetable oil, salt, sodium carbonate

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