2 Water-Wheel Knife Sharpener


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Origin: Japan
SKU: JK0033
Cuisine: Japan


Use the 2-water wheel knife sharpener to keep your kitchen knives in top slicing condition. The white wheel offers a coarse sharpening, which is particularly good for very dull blades. The pink wheel is for finer sharpening, ideal for regular maintenance and as a finishing stage after coarse sharpening.

This knife sharpener should always be used with water. Pour a little water into the top of the clear plastic dome until the wheels are half submerged. Then place your knife in the slot, and move the knife back and forth 5-6 times applying a light pressure.

The whetstones are placed at an oblique angle to the slots, for the best sharpening angle. To clean the stones, simply remove the clear plastic cover, rinse and dry upside down.

The 2 water-wheel knife sharpener has non-stick pads on the base and a large, easy-grip handle for stability while in use.

Intended for double-edged, metal knives only. Not suitable for serrated or ceramic knives, or for some Japanese knives with only one sharpened edge, e.g. a deba or traditional sashimi knives.


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