Springerle & Speculaas Biscuit Mould - Bird

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Origin: Germany
SKU: KL0034
Size: 6x8 cm/2x3"
Technique: Patisserie



Use this springerle & speculaas mould with bird design to make traditional German and Dutch biscuits. The mould features a bird perched on branch

The springerle & speculaas mould is 8cm long and 6cm wide, and is made from pear wood. The corn basket is approximately 4cm high.

Pear wood has been used to make biscuit moulds since at least the 17th century. It has a very fine grain, which is essential when you want to carve intricate designs without splitting the wood. It’s also ideal for food use – pear wood is odourless, non-toxic, highly durable, and can tolerate gentle washing after use. Small wonder it’s been the wood of choice for German biscuit moulds for hundreds of years!

Hand wash only.

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