Round Pulp Banneton (Small)

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Origin: Germany
SKU: BT0003
Size: 18cm dia, for loaves up to 500g



This round wood pulp banneton or proving basket, has a smooth surface, for baking perfect round loaves. The surface of the boule is then a blank canvas to create your own designs with your grignette or lame.

After shaping the bread dough, place upside down in the wood pulp banneton or proving basket for its final rise. Use the banneton to help keep the bread's shape during proving. Also, because water is wicked away from the dough surface during the prove, the banneton is thought to help the loaf develop a better crust. Before the first use, spray with water and sprinkle well with flour. Just before baking, turn the loaf out of the bread proving basket onto a floured or lined baking sheet. Slash the surface of the bread with a grignette or lame, to help the rise, and place straight into a hot oven to bake. Flour well before use, and dry well between bakes.

This wood pulp banneton is made in Germany from 100% local spruce trees. The spruce wood is finely cut with water, and formed into a banneton shape. It is left to dry out completely for three weeks in the sun, before finally being polished. Wood pulp bannetons are often chosen over cane bannetons by home bakers: they are less prone to sticking to the bread, easier to clean, and better at regulating the bread's temperature during proving. 

For loaves up to 500g. Not to be heated.

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