Onigiri Case - Ume

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Origin: Japan
SKU: BC0021
Size: Holds 1 onigiri, 8.5cm wide x 5cm high
Cuisine: Japan



Onigiri are often thought of as a Japanese sandwich - although sandwiches are widely available in Japan, rice onigiri are far more popular, with entire shops devoted to onigiri of different flavours. Onigiri are little rice shapes, formed from cooled cooked Japanese short-grain rice (sushi rice), with a little fish, meat or vegetable in the centre. They often have nori seaweed wrapped around the outside, both to flavour the rice, and to stop you getting sticky fingers!

This ume onigiri case perfectly fits one snack size onigiri, so you can carry it round safely in a bag - ideal for packed lunches, picnics, or just as a fun snack. The onigiri case perfectly fits onigiri formed using the onigiri mould, otherwise wrap a ball of rice in a piece of clingfilm, and shape it with the aid of the clingfilm. Ume means plum in Japanese - ume are pickled and salted, and are popular served by themselves as a snack, at the end of a meal, or served on top of sushi rice and onigiri. .

The case is available in two other beautiful Japanese designs, so you can collect all three! See sesame onigiri case, and kombu onigiri case.

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