Micro Herb Growing Set - Shiso, Dark Opal, Wasabina, Hawk Claw

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Origin: Japan
SKU: NT0001
Cuisine: Japan



Grow your own micro herbs! Bring real Japanese and Southeast Asian flavours to sushi, garnishes, salads and stir fries. Japanese shiso leaf is probably the most famous in this set, with its distinctive flavour and jagged spade-shaped leaves. It’s almost impossible to find these herbs fresh in European supermarkets, but with this set of seeds you’ll have them on your dishes without even leaving the continent.

This exotic micro herb set includes:

  • Shiso Japanese Basil – fragrant leaves that can be used as a garnish for cold noodle or tofu dishes when young. Use larger leaves to wrap an onigiri (rice ball), or fry in tempura batter for a crispy side dish. Also try using the larger leaves to wrap fish and seafood before grilling.
  • Dark Opal Purple Basil – very similar in flavour to regular basil, but with hints of more exotic anise and ginger. Leaves range from green to deep purple, and sometimes both! Use as a vibrant garnish for Italian, Thai and Vietnamese dishes.
  • Wasabina Mustard Greens – as the name suggests, wasabina leaves have a spicy, wasabi-like flavour. Use the young leaves like rocket in salads, or stir fry mature leaves as a spicy alternative to spinach or shungiku.
  • Hawk Claw Chilli Pepper – intensely hot, small red chilli peppers shaped like a hawk’s claw. Also known as takanotsume in Japan, the Hawk Claw chilli pepper is often used dried and ground over hot udon noodle dishes. Or finely slice fresh ones and add fiery heat to curries or soups.

Each pouch includes seeds, peat mix, and guidelines on planting and caring for your herbs.

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