Japanese Kenko Mayonnaise

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Origin: Japan
Size: 500g
Cuisine: Japan
Technique: Sushi
Also known as: Kenko mayonnaise
Recipe Ideas: Pork Tonkotsu with miso & cabbage salad, Japanese Octopus Takoyaki Recipe



Japanese mayonnaise yellower and creamier than commercial Western varieties as it only uses egg yolks (rather than whole eggs), and more of them. It also uses rice vinegar as a base, rather than white wine vinegar, and has delicate citrus-notes.

Use as a traditional topping for takoyaki and okonomiyaki, as well as the base to Japanese potato salads and a popular condiment for fish or beef.

Ingredients: Vegetable oil (soybeans and rapeseed), egg yolk, water, vinegar, salt, flavour enhancer E621, flavouring (soybeans and mustard). Contains gluten, soya, egg and mustard.

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