Hydroponic Indoor Grow Light - Akarina 14

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Origin: Japan
SKU: AK0002
Size: 100mm x 210mm x 274mm
Cuisine: Japan
Technique: Grow Your Own



The Akarina 14 hydroponic indoor grow light is the future of gardening! Grow plants indoors wherever you have space – with no messy soil and no need to be near a window. Within one stylish unit you can grow lettuce, herbs or even tomatoes.

The Akarina 14 is ideal for small flats or apartments. Or even place in the centre of a dining table for a herb garnish that is straight from plant to plate!

Akarina hydroponic indoor grow lights use a revolutionary system to grow plants without soil. Lift the culture/ seed tray and fill the compartment with a mixture of water and liquid fertiliser. Put the seed tray back and place a wet growing sponge in each seed hole. Then put one or two seeds in each sponge, and cover each hole with the supplied caps to germinate the seeds in darkness. Depending on the type of seeds planted, sprouting can take between 1 and 2 weeks.

Once the seeds have sprouted remove the covers and turn on the lamp using the buttons on the control panel. This is just underneath the top section, near the light. The low wattage LED bulbs simulate sunlight – so your grow light doesn’t even need to be near a window. The system can be controlled manually, or use the timer button to start a 16 hours light/ 8 hours dark cycle – the optimum growing conditions for most plants. Leave it on this cycle and top up the water/fertiliser mixture as needed, and in as little as 4 weeks (depending on the plant) you can start harvesting.


  • Akarina 14 unit with integrated LEDs (power consumption: 6W)
  • 1 x irrigation tray
  • 1 x culture/ seed tray
  • 5 x plastic closure caps (also use to cover any seed holes not in use to reduce evaporation)
  • 10 x rooting/ growing sponges
  • 1 x UK power supply (1.5m cable length)

Tap the top of the Akarina 01 to turn the light on or off. To dim the light, hold your hand lightly on the top of the unit until desired brightness is reached.

The recommended operating temperature is between 15°C and 30°C. Growth varies depending on the surrounding conditions. Green moss may grow in the bottom irrigation tray. This does not have an adverse effect. To remove it, remove the plants from the culture tray and wash the irrigation tray with washing-up liquid. The rooting sponges may go yellow in sunlight but this does not impair their function.

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