Hon Me Crushed Yellow Bean Sauce

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Origin: Vietnam
SKU: LG0013
Size: 500ml
Cuisine: Southeast Asia



Vietnamese Hon Me Crushed yellow bean sauce is made from fermented soy beans mixed with salt, glutinous rice and water. The sauce is actually brown in colour, but takes its name from the yellow huángdòu beans it’s made from. Crushed yellow bean sauce is a versatile ingredient. It is most often found in North Eastern Chinese dishes, such as the regional specialty, zha jiang mian – this is made by frying ground pork and mixing it with noodles and the yellow bean sauce. Crushed yellow bean sauce is also used in Vietnamese cooking and stir fries, often called 'ground bean sauce', or ‘yellow soy bean sauce’.

As well as using the crushed yellow bean sauce in zha jiang mian, it’s also delicious in braised red meat dishes. Also try mixing a little of the crushed yellow bean sauce with a little rice wine vinegar and soy for stir frying meat and vegetables. A versatile cooking ingredient, you can add all manner of flavourings to crushed yellow bean sauce to suit whatever dish you make – try ginger, garlic, pepper or chilli to adapt the sauce to your tastes.

Once opened keep refrigerated. Ingredients: glutinous rice, bean sauce, water.

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