Hangiri Sushi Rice Barrel

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Origin: China
SKU: DK0001
Size: From 30cm dia
Cuisine: Japan
Technique: Sushi
Also known as: Hangiri, handai, sushi rice bowl



Hangiri, or sushi barrels, are used in Japanese homes professional kitchens to cool the rice and absorb excess moisture. Hangiris have large, flat bases allowing the cooked rice to be spread out evenly in order to release steam and cool down to the right temperature for rolling. The hangiri sushi barrel is made out of Cyprus wood, which soaks up residual moisture, and infuses the sushi rice with delicate, tea-scented wood notes.

Use a paddle to stir and fold sushi vinegar through the sushi rice, and cover with a cloth until you are ready to use the hangiri. This sushi barrel features two copper-coloured bands, staying true to traditional designs.

Choose from two different sizes:

  • 30cm diameter: for mixing approx 2 cups (540ml) rice before cooking - perfect for 3-4 people
  • 33cm diameter: for mixing approx 3.5 cups (910ml) rice before cooking - perfect for 6-8 people

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