Garlic Chive Seeds

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Origin: Italy
SKU: FS0041
Cuisine: Italy
Minimum Shelf Life: 9 months
Technique: Grow Your Own
Also known as: Allium Tuberosum



Garlic chives grow into a perennial plant with a white allium flowers. Garlic chives are similar in appearance to ordinary chives but have a flatter broader leaf and a mild sweet garlic flavour.

Sow these garlic chives throughout the year. They are easy to grow and much more productive if divided regularly, every 3 years in the spring. Garlic chives like a lot of sun and well-drained, fertile soil.

Garlic chives can be cut finely and blended with butter to make garlic butter. They are also popular in Oriental cuisines for instance stir-fried with chilli and prawns or added to Korean jeon pancakes. The flowers are also edible and bring a decorative flair and mild garlic flavour to dishes.

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