Food Ring Set 6cm

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SKU: CK0039
Size: 2 x 6cm food rings, 1 x plunger
Technique: Chocolate, Patisserie
Also known as: Cooking ring, rosti ring



Food rings are often used for layered or stacked dishes, ensuring perfectly-presented plates. This set of 6cm food rings are oven safe, so can be used to stop food from spreading outwards during cooking – for perfectly neat and circular potato rostis, crumpets, rice stacks or layered vegetable towers.

The set of professional food rings also come with a ‘plunger’, meaning that each layer can be levelled and pressed down, to ensure neat and even stacking. As well as hot dishes, this set of 6cm food rings is perfect for shaping and plating cold dishes – from a sweet bavarois to savoury mousse, gelatin-based dessert or seafood stack. 

The rings measure 6cm in diameter and are 4.5cm tall.

The food ring set is also available in the larger size of 8cm. 

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