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Origin: France
SKU: EN0003
Size: 1kg
Minimum Shelf Life: 1 month
Technique: Patisserie
Also known as: Pouring fondant



This pâtisser's white fondant is ideal for icing choux pastry éclairs, buns and religieuses. The fondant is a brilliant white colour and will produce a shiny fondant finish. For different colours try adding coffee extract, green food colouring or a little melted chocolate.

To ice choux pastry, soften the fondant to 35°C, ideally in a bain marie. Be careful not to exceed this temperature as the fondant may loose its shine if it is over heated. Work the fondant well using a spatula before use.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose syrup, water. Contains egg, soy oil, gelatine from beef and maize.

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